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Raised in Winnsboro, South Carolina, Senetta Willingham is an amazing talented  entrepreneur and woman of faith. Growing up in a single parent home, Senetta learned to trust God at an early age. Straying away from God during her teenage years to age 30, Senetta has experienced some life changing lessons that she wants to share to inspire and motivate others, so they won’t go through similar moments or encourage them to get through a lesson. Senetta has so much to share to the world.       Senetta Willingham is a new author and upcoming speaker that has sprouted into 2023 with a bang. With Senetta first co-author collaboration “Dear Superwoman”, that has reached an Amazon Best Seller, she is ready to tell her story.  When Senetta is not writing, she is operating as a talented nail technician and owner of Netta’s Nails; located in Columbia, South Carolina. Senetta has been doing nails for over 20 years and have two product lines: NN Luxury Candles, which includes Wick & Sips, Lit  Time with Netta  and Absoloot Xpress-on sets. 

Author Interview


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